No, it’s not outside! I said that to the GG after my second trip outside to look for one of Cygnus’s fobs today. I also looked INSIDE and even emptied the grocery bag I collect recycling in until it’s full and I take it outside to dump it.

OMG what a morning! Himself is traveling again. Just a quick trip north this time. Long weekend. I mean every day is a weekend for The Pensioner, right? There was a Mad Scramble of last-minute packing and I could hardly hear MMCB on our weekly facetime call because of all the bag rattling and ice clinking (packing a cooler) and door opening/shutting going on.

At the penultimate moment, Himself was standing by the entry saying, “I’m sure I forgot something!” Yeah probably. My attitude about that is that if you are traveling to Hoton Lake and the yooperland (he is), you are in the Great Lake State and there are plenty of places you can buy just about anything you’ve forgotten. Or if it’s a quick trip like this one is, you can do without until you get home.

Unfortunately, he did forget something. Unfortunately, it was an important thing that he can’t buy at Walmart or somewhere. I cannot find it here even though our finder-type app shows that it is right next to Mooon Yooonit’s fobs. Which are IN THE BASKET. Where they belong. It is NOT. I’m sure it’s somewhere here. If I don’t find it this weekend, I am not looking forward to whatever rummaging activities ensue when Himself returns.

I maintain that packing not to mention cleaning would be a helluva lot easier if we weren’t always dealing with so much crapola. We have made progress but still.

I love him anyway.

One Response to “Flibberty-gibbet”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s working! I hate losing things or misplacing them. Once I hung my mail/laundry room key on the place where I put the umbrellas in the garage and not on its actual key. It took me forever to find them! And lots of swearing.