Waxing gibbous

This was last night.

It is hot here but not oppressively so although in the mid/late afternoon I have to move teleCublandia away from the sunset window or quit working for the day. (Or turn on the central A/C. Ugh.)

I read To Kill a Mockingbird. I’ve read it before, I think in high school? I liked it as much this time around as I did the first time. I am now reading Go Set a Watchman. Hmmm.

There are a couple of people with the same last name as mine who I (long ago) accepted friend requests from on Facebook. These are people I don’t know from Adam and don’t think they are anything but DISTANTLY related to me if at all. I’m not talking about my third cousin Janet who DM’d me to check in and had verifiable information. We ARE related although we don’t share the last name.

I am lately flooded by folks on my “you may know” feed with TONS of fins (people with my last name). A whole bunch of these folks live in Idaho/Utah and there is some evidence that they have roots in New Zealand. That doesn’t surprise me since Scottish folk migrated all over the world and Australia/New Zealand are notable destinations. Open borders anyone, you MAGAts?

As a caveat, I don’t agree with “open borders”, lefty lulu that I have become. But migration has been happening forever and will continue to happen. I believe we need to handle it with humane rules. I think most of my Scottish ancestors brought positive contributions to our country and I believe folks from other countries are doing that too. Even those who aren’t Caucasian like my ancestors were.

I have not pursued friendships with any of these Facebook folks. I am curious about them but they are not requesting me as a friend, just floating by. And I have enough to do.

One Response to “Waxing gibbous”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Lately, I look at likes and interests of those who request me as a friend and if I see we’re not aligned in important ways, I ignore them. I have many friends I never should have accepted in the first place. I never request everyone since like you, I have enough to do that doesn’t involve FB.