Yes. We await the asparagus season here in the Great White North. Today there was asparagus EVERYWHERE at the farmers market. I don’t like to spend a long time at the market so I grabbed it at the first booth I came to. The vendor had it bundled into thin and thick stalks. I took one of each.

I also bought red onions and carrots. I bought them from Donahee and was surprised when I was presented with a choice of payment! Yes, I’ll use a card. Problem? My card ran through without a problem but when I tried to enter my phone number into their device (iPad I think) for a text receipt, the top row of numbers did not respond to touch. I assured the Donahee folks I did NOT need a receipt and lo and behold when I checked my bank stuff this afternoon (which I do EVERY day), the $8 dollars I spent there showed up just fine. I’m sure they get a lot of difficult customers. I am not one of them.

I had to take a pic of what it looks like heading east at the market at this time of year when the sun is up and out. It’s hard to see who’s coming the other way and I was lucky I didn’t slam into anyone. In another week, the sun will be in a different place at 7:00 AM. Or it might be raining. Who knows. We got wonderful rain 2-1/2 or three times this afternoon. It’s not all that dry around here yet but we’ve had warm/hot weather this week and I felt like we needed rain. If nothing else to water my newly potted mother’s day impatiens since there isn’t an easily accessible garden hose set up out here right now so I’ve been watering them from a Copco bowl 🐽🐽🐽

One Response to “A-S-P-A-R-A-G-U-S”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We’re currently getting a nice mix of rain and sun. More rain than many people would like, but the 70 degrees today was great. And our mountain snowpack is at 123% due to our cold spring; that’s very good news! I love asparagus but never cook it for some reason.