’tis the season. Way back in 2020 when the pandemic started, I had a “murder hornet” stuck inside my front window. I mean, he wasn’t really a murder hornet but he looked like he could probably sting. We coexisted for a couple days but finally I went over and opened the front door and somehow he sensed there was a way out. Goodbye murder hornet.

This weekend I was plagued by a different bug stuck inside my windows. I couldn’t tell what this bug was. It seemed to be the same shape as a stink bug and I do not want those in my house but I didn’t want to kill it either. We don’t have a lot of poisonous “bugs” here in the Great Lake State but we have plenty of stinging insects and I am not allergic to those.

I do not have a generalized “bug” phobia except for a *very* weird (but not all that uncommon) insect phobia that many people do not understand. They’re harmless! Yeah, I know but… If you know me well enough to know what it is, please DON’T reveal it. If you don’t know and want to, comment (or just email me) and I’ll reply privately.

I know what stink bugs look like but I couldn’t see this bug’s markings because every time I saw it, it was silhouetted against a brilliant Mr. Golden Sun. Today it was buzzing around again. I don’t THINK stink bugs buzz, another thing that was puzzling me. And then, I went to take a drink out of my water glass and… There was a BUG in it. It was the same shape as the bug that was trying to escape my house. It was NOT a stink bug. GG says it was a Box Elder Bug. Apparently we don’t want THOSE in our house either. Nevertheless, I’m sorry I didn’t try to stage manage it out.

2 Responses to “Buuuuggggs”

  1. Pooh Says:

    I am the “queen” of removing bees and stink bugs from inside buildings, since my husband is allergic to bee stings. Take a glass and something stiff, like an index card. Put the glass slowly over the bug, slide the index card over the top, take it outside and release. However, once when I was teaching, a bumble bee flew in through the open window on the third floor. One of the students, a drama queen (and royal PITA), starts screaming loudly. I tell her bees won’t sting her unless she’s bothering them. She’s still screaming, and I’m ignoring her and trying to redirect the bee towards the open window. Two male teachers rush in from their classrooms, and I explain the situation. One of them, looks at her and says, “Bees are deaf, it can’t even hear you!” The other teacher adds, “but the whole third floor can!!!” The bee soon leaves, and she eventually calms down. The next day, a bee flies into the same class. She gets up, moves quickly to the door but does not scream. I count that as a win.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I dislike stink bugs and have never heard of box elder bugs. However, I don’t want ANY bugs in my drink.