New nest

From one beautiful nest to another and of course, this was one of the first things unpacked and set up. So a pair of “o stalls” can be made 🐽🐽🐽 I won’t say any more about this as it isn’t really any of my business except that I am very proud of how my children navigate adulthood with such aplomb. I can’t take credit for it. I’ll let y’all guess what got auto-corrected to “o stalls”. If you want.

This particular urchin is very talented with her hands, especially but not limited to needlework. I can remember when she was five and we went over to the Henry Ford Museum one weekend. There were little workshops for children and one of them had to do with a small hand-sewing prodject. I’ll never forget her sitting there neatly and carefully stitching. The teacher was really impressed with her and so was I. And a bit amazed. She took up knitting at some point and became expert at that, making her own lace patterns and whatever.

I’d like to say that I am also talented with my hands. My hands are very agile (even with titanium pinky) but… 1) I focused mainly on musical instruments when I was young (NOT a bad thing) and… 2) I AM NOT PATIENT!!! I made a lot of my own clothes as a teenager, with my sewing musheen going 100 mph. As you might guess, some things turned out better than others.

I will never make my own clothing again. Even having gotten rid of TONS of bizcaz and other stuff, I have plenty. And nowadays my taste runs to easy-to-wear stuff that I order from the internet. Size medium. No tailored suits. No pants or jeans. No sweatsuits. Skirts, various tops, and tights if it’s cold enough, which it is most of the year in the Great Lake State.

My fave plum cashier knows enough about my life to know I telecommute from a saggy old couch (and that a relative works there too). Yesterday I was in there and she told me she was impressed that I always “dressed up” for work. I had to laugh. Turtleneck, polartech vest, skirt and tights. “So many telecommuters wear sweats.” Not me. But if she had looked closely at the skirt, she might’ve noticed that it’s on the verge of falling apart.

I am itching to get back into fiber arts again. I can’t explain why I don’t just dive in. All I can blame it on is procrastination. When I do tiptoe back in, it’ll be SLOW STITCHED small prodjects…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Ashley got the crafty gene and also sews, crochets and knits. She can can although she hasn’t for quite a while. I am interested in none of those things! (nor gifted) What was it before it was autocorrected?