Horse Queen

These are my Snag Tights Ukraine themed duo color tights. I ordered them a couple months ago knowing that they would not arrive soon. Snag Tights has been making duo color tights for a while (legs have different colors) but I didn’t really notice until they emailed me about the horse queen duo color tights. So I ordered some.

These tights were designed to support Ukraine and if I get it right, all profits will be donated to Ukraine’s effort to deflect Russia from invading their previously peaceful country. And that’s what Russia is doing. Killing innocent Ukrainian citizens for whatever reason. There are better ways to solve these kinds of problems besides trying to bomb the crap out of other countries.

Some people are making quilts or flags in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. I guess I am buying tights. I wear tights ALL THE TIME at least when it isn’t hotter than Hades. I was dithering and dathering when getting dressed at 0-skunk-30 today. Am I gonna wear these kinda crazy tights to the Plum? Am I gonna go to the Plum? I sucked it up and put on my Horse Queen blue and yellow tights. No one seemed to notice them on my walk (uh, I didn’t SEE anyone on my walk). I did decide to go to the Plum and no one seemed to notice them there. Later on, a guy walked by teleCublandia with a Ukrainian colored umbrella. Yes!

I do not in any way shape or form understand why Putin’s agenda requires killing innocent Ukrainian citizens. I suppose there are people in Ukraine who might want a different regime. There are outliers in every society. Like some of our MAGA folks. I think most Ukrainians want schools and coffee shops, etc., and free access to them. That’s what I would want. Peace please.

One Response to “Horse Queen”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love the tights! I don’t understand it either although despots and tyrants have their own controlling agenda and big egos. There and here.