Slow chilly puzzly morning

Chilly because we have the screen in the storm door but I like to keep the big inner wooden door OPEN because it lets more light into the Landfill and I love natural light. Or lack thereof. It was in the 50s this morning but we are good at layering and there are lap-sized blankets all over the place so we were FINE!

We had a wee bacon-based brek and then lounged on the Green Couch doing our daily word puzzles in person. Usually we are texting back and forth. I have still not gotten to Queen Bee today. I am missing one in10 word and it is NOT one of the pangrams. Actually I may have given up on it for today. Just not seeing it. A new bee person walked quickly to Queen Bee today without even looking at the grid! So congrats! Note that we do NOT do this competitively! It is FUN and we are all word-y type people and it is a low-key way for adult daughters to interact with their mooma duck.

We eventually roused ourselves and drove out to Swan Corners to look at the cygnets (still 8), then did a mouse nest drive-by, knowing that no one was home.

The GG sent this cute little pic to indicate that he had arrived at the moomincabin and was getting it opened up for the season. I wanted to ask for a pic of whatever snow was still around but he… was… busy… Among other pesky little problems, plumbing mainly (which he is good at fixing quickly albeit it sometimes with multiple trips to the hardware store) the DSL was not working. I’d had a heads up about this when Our Northern Correspondent texted me yesterday to inform me that a dramatic lightning strike had taken out their internet as well as that of a McPiedy neighbor. We didn’t know if it was a local problem or more widespread. Well, apparently more widespread. Hopefully it’ll be fixed after Memorial Day when I plan to do some telecommuting from up there.

I suppose I’m about done for today, at least with this blather. I am cracking up though because as I started writing about the spelling bee puzzle, NPR played a song called Queen Bee by Taj Mahal, one of the GG’s faves. I couldn’t believe my ears! (Starts with 2 ads but one is 10 seconds and the other can be skipped almost immediately).

One Response to “Slow chilly puzzly morning”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Ooh, it must be spring! (with warmer weather coming) My crew and I have gone from Worldle to Statele while John and I do those plus Wordle and Jumble Crossword. Never thought I’d enjoy these puzzles and games. 🙂