Updates to weird daily life stuff

The Gaylord Tornado kind of took over Friday’s topic, which would probably have been the TICK (YICK!) the GG found on his leg in the shower that morning. Where did it come from? How long had it been hanging around? We do not know.

I immediately said I was gonna wash the sheets. He pooh-poohed that idea. But. He left for the Great Spirally North that morning so I washed the sheets ANYWAY. And the mattress pad. Which needed it. It’s been a while. TMI? I have not seen any more ticks. I can handle taking showers with spiders and frogs. I do not want to sleep with ticks.

Our moomincabin internet appliances have been fixed following the Lightning Strike. And the DSL has been replaced with a modern one. It has always been a workhorse but at 11 years old it was time. The landline phone too even though no one EVER uses it. The Jamadots guy dredged up an old used one for us. We’ve had good and bad experiences with Comcast (once they sent out a “serial killer” but another time a cheerful superman climbed a pole in below zero weather). Jamadots is 100 times better. Apparently they weren’t easy to get hold of over the weekend but they were out by late morning today and had everything fixed slam bang.

During this, my cuzz The Beautiful Jan and I were going back and forth online a bit. She reported that there were PELICANS out by the island. Pelicans do not hang around in the moominbeach area but they often make a stop during migration. I may be mangling that 🤣. I am a casual bird-watcher at best.

The new mouse nest acquired both a lawn mower and a trash cart today and both inhabitants are waaaaay excited. Apparently a celebratory beer is involved. And “inhabitant” is the one spelling bee word I didn’t get yesterday. I got “inhabiting”, “inhibiting”, “inhabit”, “inhibit”, “habit”, and “habitat”. It’s fascinating how the brain works. Or doesn’t. Hibbity-habbity.

It is “No Mow May” here to “save the bees”. This is working out for some people better than others because apparently this isn’t a good month to institute such a policy in this area. It isn’t mandatory and I had to laugh when a neighbor whose spouse is involved in a lot of this kind of stuff told us he was gonna mow ANYWAY. The GG also mowed. To me, not mowing is counterintuitive to the idea of tick prevention. This is complicated stuff though and I don’t claim to be an expert in any way, shape, or form.

The pic is from Friday evening. I heard a lot of voices in the school yard, then as dusk fell, what sounded like a MOVIE! I looked it up and it was Haisley Movie Night. It was a beautiful mild night for an outdoor movie and I headed over to take a pic. I didn’t get too close. I figured I’d probably have to buy a ticket and also, I don’t really fit into that crowd any more. Back in the day, I’d’ve been running around with cash boxes and big ziploc bags of cash. Small bills, of course. I wonder who’s running the PTO treasury over there nowadays…

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t realize the reason behind No Mow May although I doubt that I could manage it. My grass would be a foot high. Ticks, ugh. I am terrified of them although I’ve never seen or had one.