The summer season begins

It was with some trepidation that Cygnus and I launched off the Planet Ann Arbor this morning on my first trip to the yooperland since I returned last year in mid-September. Part of my uneasiness was fueled by ongoing generalized pandemic anxiety. Part of it was that the weather forecast for all of Michigan was rain, rain, and more rain. In the end I slowly packed and did word puzzles until after 9:00 AM, which I figured was after rush hour, then I JAMMED my anxiety into the dungeon it belongs in and got on the road.

The drive was pretty much fine. The truck and Redneck Macho Man traffic pretty much fell off after Bay City. I got hit by some light drizzle off and on from West Branch to I dunno north of Gaylord maybe? Dry pavement pretty much prevailed.

Until I got a few miles south of the Big Mac. BIG FOG BANK AHEAD! TURN ON YOUR FOG HORN KW! I drove across the Mackinac Bridge in pea soup fog. I could see where I was going but when I got to the north side, I was like WHERE ARE THE TOLL BOOTHS? It’s okay, I found them just fine. When I stopped at the rest area just above the bridge, I found text messages including one from the GG warning me to turn on my fog horn. BTW, I was the ONLY masked person inside the rest stop.

The fog marginally improved as I got inland but as I approached my Rudyard exit, the rain had increased and it sounded kind of icy? Hmmmm. What is the temperature? 54 degrees. I wasn’t worried about the road surface being slippery but I was glad to exit at that time because my remaining travel was on low traffic roads. Not that there are a lot of vee-hickles on the I75 SUV Speedway in the yooperland.

The first pic is at the entrance to the cabin road. As we were unloading Cygnus, we were both eye-balling the precipitation and discussing whether it was actually SLEET, given its whitish color. I posted this on facebook and npJane commented that we had better FIX THE SLEET SITUATION by TOMORROW, which is when she is coming up.

It still isn’t very warm but the sleet has stopped and a little while after I posted that Mr. Golden Sun made a brief appearance so I posted THAT. Is this better?

One Response to “The summer season begins”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    What, pray tell, is a car fog horn and how do you use it?