Beanie weenies

I was driving to Meijer this morning because when I got here yesterday and asked if there was any food, I was offered beanie weenies. For dinner. I don’t really have anything against beanie weenies but NOPE. I made him get takeout whitefish baskets from Pickles. He rightly figgered I didn’t want him to buy a lot of food and also that I wasn’t bringing much but still… I had planned both to get Pickles takeout last night and go to Meijer this morning anyway. (I saw exactly ONE other masked person in Meijer.)

On the way to Meijer, the beach urchins were texting me puzzle progress and we got off onto beanie weenies. And yes I was texting while driving but I was voice texting and I can do that in Cygnus, at least on the slow back roads in the eastern yooperland. Not much traffic. A handful of automotive vee-hickles, two Amish buggies, and a flock of wild turkeys who were standing in somebody’s driveway fluffing out their feathers. Like the Thanksgiving turkeys we drew when we were kids. I have no clue what was going on there and didn’t get a pic.

This place is about as grubby as it usually is after nine months or so of being closed up so I picked away at cleaning tasks. We then got into some of the usual conversations about things that need to be changed or gotten rid of. The baskets next to the front door were a temporary target. They have been here probably almost since we built the place when I was a kid. Eventually we decided they were keepers although some of the crapola in them is not. Dog grooming equipment from my long dead dog? I loved Tigger to distraction but I have no emotional attachment to any grooming stuff.

Books books books. Books were an early issue of contention after The Commander died. I’ve never figured out why since I had no plans to get rid of them any time soon. But we have too many and I am beyond tired of trying to clean around them. I devised a tentative plan to ask her grandchildren (and the GG) to identify books they WANT to stay around and eventually I’ll get rid of any that aren’t spoken for. Like, The Forest and the Fort series my grandfather owned is a keeper but I doubt anyone cares much about Tom Clancy paperbacks but who knows? We’ll see if I get around to that and if I do, how well it’ll work. Given the ongoing hostility and lack of communication from one of her grandchildren, I don’t have high hopes🐽🐽🐽 (I dunno if said grandchild ever lurks here or not. I am not hostile and I do communicate or used to try.)

So it was, as they say, colder near the great lakes today. I took a beach walk this afternoon and then did a complicated couple of dances of jacket vs. vest and sitting on Bill’s Birch Point Beach Bank Bench vs. the little hollow in front of the Old Cabin. This view is from the hollow. The bench is not protected from the northwest wind but it got downright HOT in the hollow.

Sayonara, KW

2 Responses to “Beanie weenies”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My geography puzzles didn’t go well today but wordle did. I’m better with words anyway! It’s hard to make decisions without communication from the others involved. I’m finding that with estate business and Book Club and it’s driving me NUTS. Good luck with the clean up/clean out! What are beanie weenies? We used to have chili or baked beans with sliced up hot dogs in them sometimes. End of the month on a teacher’s salary. I liked both dishes! And sh*t on a shingle too.

  2. Pooh Says:

    I don’t know how the GG does Beanie weenies, but this is what my Dad told me when I went away to college.
    “Since the dorm doesn’t do supper on Sunday night, here’s how to do beanie weenies. Layout a couple of squares of “tin” foil and fold up the edges. Empty a can of beans into the foil dish and slice a hot dog into it. Wrap the foil tightly around everything and seal it. Then check out the iron from the front desk, and iron the foil pack until the contents are heated through.”
    However, we usually ordered a pizza, or went out to one of the fast-food restaurants that did serve Sunday supper!