Cygnus is dirty as all getout but happy

Where the heck am I? I had not been out to the old abandoned gun range in umpteen bazillion years, long enough that I couldn’t really remember where it was. So this morning, after I took an early trip to Meijer, we faaarrred up Cygnus and headed SW more or less, into the Delirium Wilderness and beyond.

i think Cygnus qualifies as an SUV although she is a pretty small one and can only tow small loads. But if you look at her taaaars, you might guess she can do sand.

We turned off onto a very sandy road to get to the gun range. It was a one lane road and at one point, we spied a vee-hickle heading toward us. We stopped and pulled off and the other vee-hickle stopped and pulled off. We waited a minute than pulled back onto the road. When we got closer, I realized it was a Border Patrol car (Canananada is across the river from us). The GG rolled down his window and they had a friendly convo, the kind that a young Border Patrol guy would have with a baggy old white couple driving a late model car. Nothing to see here. He warned us of some deep sand ahead and the GG told him he was well familiar with the road. Which he definitely was since he has been driving these old forest roads forever and we have been at the gun range many times before.

As we were heading down there this morning, he was kinda wishing he had brought a gun. I asked if he wanted to turn around and get one. Nope. He thought I might be bored waiting for him to shoot. That wouldn’t have been a problem since I had puzzles to do and a book on my phone. I don’t really mind if he shoots a gun at an abandoned range although I do know to cover my ears. But whatever.

I have been puzzled for years about what the border patrol is looking for here in the eastern yooperland. I can’t believe anyone in Canananada would want to immigrate(emigrate?) to the United Snakes. This isn’t the first time we’ve encountered a Border Patrol vee-hickle out in an area where there is literally NO ONE ELSE around. The GG thought this guy looked familiar. Was he the guy who was asleep in his vee-hickle down at the end of the beach a couple years ago? I dunno. He was a really nice guy but what the heck are we paying these folks for? And BTW, marijuana is LEGAL in this state which I voted for even though I don’t DO marijuana so I don’t think drugs is what they’re looking for. They sure were looking for marijuana back in the 70s. Jeebus.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Perhaps he’s trying to keep Americans from trying to escape over the border into Canada. (swim across?) God knows, I’m tempted but I’m not a strong enough swimmer. I think of my Forester as a small SUV. She’s the best! (although she doesn’t have a cool name) John’s Outback is The Flagship and his white Ford 350 Power Stroke diesel pick up is either The Great White Whale or Moby Dick.