When I arrived here last Thursday, the GG was kinda jumping around like crazy in that frenetic way he gets sometimes. I was like, I just got here, it’s my first vacay day of the year, and I just wanna unpack and chill. When we dropped our first daughter at college, he was so frenetic that she finally pulled me aside and stage-whispered, “Can you get him to settle down?” He was like shouldn’t you be doing this, that, and the other thing. She was perfectly capable of taking care of her own affairs.

I think a part of what escalated his mood in that situation was that when he went to college, his parents said something like, “You’ll have to find your own ride. We’re going to Houghton Lake.” I may be misquoting that but his high school girlfriend drove him to Moo-U. If this sounds y’know, not very parental, note that 1) he and his identical twin were 5th and 6th out of 10 children (the quintessential middle children? and holy terrors to boot) and 2) he had hitchhiked solo all over the country by that time. I don’t know exactly what was in his head the day we took lizard over there but there may have been an element of living an experience that he didn’t quiiiite get as a college freshman. (He had wonderful parents and I had wonderful in-laws.)

I digress. Last Thursday I found him SOMETHING TO DO! It was to unpack umpteen bazillion toilet paper rolls and put them away. This is fancy bamboo TP from “Who Gives a Crap” and my older beach urchin sent away for it (THANK YOU). I fergit how many rolls we have but it will last us the entire summer and maybe part of next summer, given that TP generally survives winters in our seasonal, un-insulated cabin just fine.

Back to work today and it was HOT HOT HOT! And a bit mo-skee-to-ey. I tried to hang out on the deck a bit at lunchtime and there weren’t a LOT of mo-skee-toes but there were enough that I had to be vigilant and keep my After Bite at the ready. Given that experience, I bagged sitting out on the deck for my weekly meeting with Amazon Woman. There was enough wind on the beach that it probably deflected most of the moe-skee-toes but it was HOT HOT HOT down there. The temperature is supposed to take a pretty big dive tonight.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    It’s weird how summer has suddenly arrived. Today was in the 70s and tomorrow will be 77. Then our temps will drop and the rain will come back. But it’s nice to have warmth and sun! I get a little bit like the GG when I’m in a new situation and feeling nervous.