Immigration applicant?

The GG sent this pic from the Sault Ste. Siberia border patrol facility, which he was walking by on his way to town this morning. He was pretty far away from the bear and I’m glad he wasn’t any closer.

On his trek to town, he followed two sets of bear prints for quite some time. Big and little. Little Bear turned off and then later, Big Bear also did. Was Big Bear the same bear as at the border patrol facility? We do not know.

In the middle of a more chaotic work day than usual, I drove to town to pick up the GG (and dump a bunch of recycle). On the way back out, we did a five minute backtrack on Five Mile Road to chase down what he thought was a bear but turned out to be a MAILBOX 🐽

When we arrived back at the moomin after that little digression, I got back on to my work laptop only to find that I was five minutes late to a hastily arranged meeting, one I would NOT want to have missed. I wasn’t very productive today and probably won’t be for a few more. At the end of the day, I put a pair of smartwool leggings on over my tights and went down to sit in the hollow in front of the Old Cabin. This was NOT a warm day (and that was a relief) but I was okay with my leggings.

Whaddya think? Should we let bears into the United Snakes? I don’t think we can really stop them although I also don’t think this one came from Cananananada. Or Mexico.

2 Responses to “Immigration applicant?”

  1. Pam J. Says:

    For the moment, we’ve got bears in my neighborhood and we’re only 10 miles north of the Washington, DC, border. I’m told that this is the time of year when young boy bears roam around looking for their own territory. I’d love to see one in my backyard!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Bears are certainly a lot less dangerous than many humans, so I say YES. A mailbox, LOL.