Household duties

Oh. My. God. I went to the laundromat this morning. I had a big baggie of quarters at the ready when I arrived but was also expecting to have to put a twenty into the change musheen.

Hello! New warshing musheens and a sign for DexterPay. Hello? An app for paying for warshing musheens. OMG. I have been dreaming about this kind of thing for years. After some fussing around I got it to work. My warshing musheen started and I made a quick trip to Pat’s groceries. When I got back, my musheen was not quite finished so I sat outside for a bit. Another woman came out and was concerned because the young man who seems to run the place didn’t seem to be around. She had put quarters (I think) in her musheens and started them and the soap didn’t dispense. Much later, after I was back at the moomin, I thought I should’ve suggested she use pods because you have to put them INSIDE the musheen with your laundry.

The dryers still require quarters. As a usability designer, I figured out why PDQ. Most people are likely to use multiple dryers and different time settings. And put more quarters in when things are not dry yet. I’ll take the washing musheen app though.

And then I got to do garbage duty. That involves putting the garbage into Green Bags and driving it up to the res where a nice man gets it out of your trunk and dumps it. I did that and then I took a trip up to Spectacle Lake overlook and then I returned to the moomin, snagging a bunch more Green Bags at the gas station along the way.

Evening bote ride to Cedar Point and Round Island after dinner and I am about done done done now.

One Response to “Household duties”

  1. Margaret Says:

    How I don’t miss having quarters to do laundry at various apartment complexes. That has been way too long in coming. I understand the dryer situation though. Are you still enjoying “Sea of Tranquility?” It’s thought-provoking, isn’t it?