Dish processing at the moomincabin

Yyyyuuuuccckkk! The GG pulled a plate outta the cupboard and, after inspecting it, put it into the dishpan. Oops. I musta not perfectly cleaned it.

I crow about what a good dishwasher I am but I am not perfect. In the “good old days”, when we had crowds staying here at the moomin, it often took a crew of two to wash the dishes. A washer and a dryer. More people than two do not fit in the chitchen without doing the bump. Being meeeee, I would often jump in as the washer. Alas, a frequent and supposedly friendly partner would sometimes reject dishes that didn’t meet her impeccable standards of perfection. OF COURSE dishes should be adequately cleaned but these rejections were delivered in a cold hurtful way. To keep a peaceful ambience for my parents, I learned to immediately switch jobs upon one of these criticisms. I probably didn’t do dish drying in a way that met her standards either but I never heard about it. It’s probably a good thing she didn’t witness me and my cousins washing dishes after Community Dinners at the Old Cabin when we were kids. Most likely singing at the top of our lungs.

I have to say that I know of NOBODY who has ever contracted food poisoning from eating at the moomin or my house on the Planet Ann Arbor. Except for the time Sam, my brother’s dog, was caught rummaging our compost heap and vomited on the way home. He had such a guilty look on his face when he was caught, which my brother cracked up about.

The pic is from after last evening’s bote ride. Mixed weather today. Cold-ish overnight (upper 40s), calm and moe-skee-toey this morning, then a pretty big northwest wind blew in. Struggled with scheduling a return trip to the Planet Ann Arbor due to work weirdness this week but have it figgered out. The GG, who is opposite me on many issues, supports my decision on this and my job in general. Despite today’s dish washing disaster.

Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    A dishwasher critic? Camping out (cabining?) should be relaxing and low-stress; it’s not a time for perfectionism about anything! Sorry about your work weirdness. 🙁