Pandemic booook blaahhhg

I love Emily St. John Mandel and I LOVED Station Eleven. Station Eleven chronicles the aftermath of a pandemic and I read it during a xmas vacation quite a few years ago while I was SICK with a fugly vomiting virus. One of my beach urchins brought it home and I succumbed. After spending a lot of time with the Blue and Only Terlet, I moved to the Green Couch and sucked on ice chips for the rest of that night and a few more nights after.

Hahaha! It was a horrible virus for those of us who got sick from it. Mostly women if I remember. It wasn’t a pandemic. It took a while for me to recover well enough to want to eat much of anything again but I did get there. So I read a book (Station Eleven) about the aftermath of a pandemic while being sick as a dog. Way before covid-19. Hahaha.

I just finished Sea of Tranquility, also by Emily St. John Mandel and LOVED it. It is totally different than Station Eleven but various pandemics, past and future are a part of the story. I can’t describe this book. I’m not sure I even totally understand it yet.

So I have read a book that talks about pandemics. I am still reluctant to re-read Earth Abides. Maybe soon?

My next book? To the Bright Edge of the World. Same author as The Snow Child. I read The Snow Child a number of years ago before I was tracking books on Goodreads. I was SICK when I read The Snow Child. I think this was the time that I woke up at the moomincabin feeling like my eyes were crusted over along with other congestion type stuff. We were driving down to the moomincabin that day. We had separate cars and we stopped to say goodbye to Jeep and Pan but I declined to hug them because I didn’t want to give them whatever cold virus I had. Little did we know all those years before covid-19.

I wasn’t deathly ill but I felt like I needed to take a down day. I called in “sick” but said I would be fine to telecommute to our usual Monday meeting. I did the meeting but I took the rest of the day off and read The Snow Child. All 600 or whatever pages of it.

The GG will be home in one minute (so he says) and we will head over to get porterized over on Milligan Road. I’m providing the dry vermouth.

2 Responses to “Pandemic booook blaahhhg”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too am still pondering SoT–the ethical dilemmas and how we search for connection and a feeling of being worthwhile. I LOVED “Snow Child” so let me know what you think of “The Bright Edge of the World.”

  2. l4827 Says:

    Dry vermouth and company, great fun!
    I am glad that you mentioned all these book titles. I was looking for some good reads. Just down loaded, “To The Bright Edge Of The World.“
    I absolutely loved, “The Snow Child!“ So I am looking forward to her next book.