Boooks and stuff on a BEACH DAY!

So apparently the GG is actually asking meeee for book recommendations. That’s a little weird given that we have quite different tastes in boooooks. He likes to read old war books and things. But a while back, his identical twin was asking and some of the books I recommended seemed to be okay for him. And it turned out that the GG also read those books (Eide family trilogy and Marsh King’s Daughter). Last I knew, he was reluctant for whatever reason.

Last night, I recommended Project Hail Mary and Great Circle. Project Hail Mary is by the same author as The Martian and I think he liked that book. But this morning he was asking about Great Circle (Maggie Shipstead) so I’m guessing he may embark upon that one. It’s a good choice in my opinion. Fictional female aviator back in the day.

Those of us who do the spelling bee got a wee bit freaked out when we realized that genius happened at 347! Yikes. I did manage to get to genius and got ALL THREE(!) pangrams, the last one after I misspelled it (and its root word) something like three times. I am down only one word from Queen Bee, mi7. Will I get there? I dunno. Our official Queen Bee seemed excited about the whole thing early this morning but was too busy to get going on it so he gets a pass.

On top of everything else, the GG got into Suzy Homemaker mode and did a whole bunch of cleaning and window washing, etc. THANK YOU! And we ended the day with a bote ride!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    My late husband didn’t read except the newspaper and Games magazine. Henry liked to read many of the same types of books I do, although he also liked fantasy stuff with dragons. (hard pass from me) John and I share some of the same tastes–mysteries and sci-fi, but he doesn’t do dystopian or YA.