Hey, for better or worse person

It was a long haul driving down from the yooperland but it couldda been worse. The GG thinks that’s because “Biden’s” gas prices are keeping people from traveling and the whole world is going to hell. *I* think it’s because it was TUESDAY and all the fricken’ pandemic road nutsos were not on the toad. Road… Gas prices are scary right now but I don’t believe they are solely Biden’s fault.

So, gas at Brimley (for Cygnus) and then a stop in Iggy to transfer I dunno what to and from the North Country Trail station there. Across the Big Mac and next stop Gaylord to snag a battery from the GG’s twin’s house. The Uncly Uncle was AWOL but least we got to see The Beautiful Gay for a few minutes. On down the I75 SUV Speedway…

I took a call because I can (just barely 🤣) doooo that now that I have a modern vee-hickle. After a bit, the GG (driving ahead of me) tried to call meeeee. I could not for the life of me figure out how to put my call on hold to take his and then he hung up. So my friend and I ended our call. We (the GG and I) were getting close to Bay City anyway and I knew I would have to totally concentrate on driving at that point.

I tried to call the GG but butt(car?)-dialed BFF first and ended quickly. When I did get hold of the GG, he pleaded with me to help him visit FlaMan at his apartment in Flint. I REALLY wanted to get home but whaddya do when you are a for better or worse person and someone needs help with his disabled brother.

So, okay and then I managed to butt(car?)-dial BFF AGAIN and eventually she called me back, wondering WTF. At that point I was on the Zilwaukee Bridge, which I don’t really like very much (it has a looooong history) so I said I would email her later and I did. And there was another gas stop somewhere around Saginaw. Mooon Yooonit needed it. Cygnus had enough but we topped her off anyway.

FlaMan’s problem was… He was mad at one of their sisters, something about food, yada yada. She is trying to HELP. While we were there a telephone solicitor called him to try to pressure him into buying an extended warranty for his automotive vee-hickle. I loved how FlaMan (who hasn’t owned an automotive vee-hickle in at least 30 years) handled this. “Exactly what vee-hickle are you talking about?” I don’t know what the other person said but FlaMan said something like, “You are a shithead.” I wouldn’t have even answered the call but FlaMan is FlaMan and he ain’t gonna change and I thought given the question, he had a good answer. I watched Gunsmoke with FlaMan while the GG did some chores and I learned who Miss Kitty was.

We are back on The Planet Ann Arbor and there was a speshul package on the dining table courtesy of our mouse who brought the mail in. It has Lyme Lounge trailer brake parts and the pic shows the GG out there working on the Lyme Lounge brakes.

Love y’all, Kayak Woman

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  1. Margaret Says:

    How dumb of me not to realize that a trailer had brakes! LOL Yeah, gas prices aren’t the president’s fault nor does he have much if any control over them. But try telling some people that.