Tripping around the sun

Not me, I did that in January, on a loverly little breakthrough COVID birthday.

Today it’s the cute little beach urchin on the left, my younger niece. The beach urchin on the right is my younger daughter. I use the comparative rather than the superlative because in the finFam, I only have two daughters and two nieces. On the cFam side (in-laws), I still have only two daughters but umpteen bazillion nieces, not to mention a bunch of nephews.

My brother and I each had two daughters, meaning my parents had four granddaughters. My older daughter is two years older than my brother’s older and my younger is two years older than his younger. They were all blonde as young children, as my husband, brother, and I were. I still call us all blonde although, like many blondes, our hair darkened into dishwater blonde later on and mine is mostly white/gray now.

This pic is a long time ago and they are all 30-something adults now and this one has a PHD and a successful career in her field! My brother would be very proud of her! He was capable of giving his kids crap from time to time but this one did NOT take any of it. Once summer when we were reading “The BFG” (Roald Dahl) aloud at the moomin, he tried to give her some crap one morning and she got right up in his face and said in her 2-year-old foghorn voice, “YOU are the Big UGLY Giant!” He was wearing what he called The New Morning Look and I think he actually cracked up.

Anyway, HB kiddo. We all had so much fun at the moomincabin back in the day. Kids, dogs, and three generations.

One Response to “Tripping around the sun”

  1. Margaret Says:

    My parents have three granddaughters and one grandson and who knows what I’ll end up with? Happy with anything!