Avoiding the Gazpacho

Oh not the shrimp gazpacho I got down at Monahan’s Seafood at 0-skunk-30 this morning. That was really good. I’ve been seeing it on facebook for years now but every time I’m down there, I forget about it. My ears perked up when a woman ahead of me ordered some so I did too. I will order it again but as good as it is, I think I will also add shrimp to my own more or less Moosewood gazpacho the next time I make it.

I also bought Copper River salmon (’tis the season) and then beef tenderloin at Sparrow Meats. Asparagus, potatoes, and garlic scapes outside. Wanted shelling peas but they aren’t available yet. A little early? Not sure.

I was rather slowly cleaning out the refrigimatator when my cousin called and next thing I knew we were sitting in the back yard jawboning with her and her husband and their friends, a couple who lived below me on Seventh St. umpteen bazillion years ago. We won’t talk about the time my terlet was leaking and I didn’t know it and toidy water was dripping into their dining room or whatever. It was kind of a ram-shackle duplex (old house converted into upstairs/downstairs apartments) and I was glad when we moved out.

We moved because we were getting married and if I remember correctly, one of the reasons (besides we were getting married and could afford it) they accepted us as renters was because we were not a “zebra team”. Thank the gods times have changed. Or have they? I actually remember thinking, “What the heck is a zebra team?” At the time, I just wanted a nicer apartment. We moved again when Lizard Breath was on the way (into the Landfill where we could make our own social rules). I first felt her move on the couch in that apartment. When we were moving out, the landlady started to get a bit snarky about a teensy bit of dirt on the carpeted stairs until our buddy Master Woodring (phd in limnology) quietly alerted her to the fact that I was not walking alone in life any more. We still did our best to clean it up.

Three of our guests today went to high school here and they are attending a reunion this weekend. When they said they had been at the farmers market this morning, I almost said something like, “Oh, I didn’t see you there”, but then OOPS. I was likely HOME from the market before they were all out of bed. In fact, when the Sparrow gal told me it would take a few minutes to trim a new tenderloin, I said, “I’ll just run out and get a couple things at the booths.” When I got back like five minutes later, my tenderloin was trimmed, wrapped, and ready to, uh, pay for 🤣.

After everyone left, we kinda crashed out for a while. The GG was asleep. I never sleep in the afternoon except occasionally when I doze off on the moominbeach on the right kind of day.

P.S. Don’t even begin to try to understand yesterday’s ridiculous and incoherent post 🐽. I’ve been thinking through the ins and outs of a first-world problem and how to try to ninja my way through it.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I would like to start going to some local FM but won’t be doing it at the crack of dawn. I have to relax with my coffee first. 🙂 Zebra team? Does that mean what I think it does?