I deserve a break today

So, once when my parents and Radical Betty were early octogenarians, I called up to the yooperland one afternoon. My old coot actually answered the phone, which was odd because at that point in their lives, it was usually the Birch Point Telegraph aka The Commander who answered the telephone.

My dad relayed the information that The Commander and Radical Betty were off gallivanting around across the river in Canananada and that meant HE GOT A BREAK for once.

I know what he meant by a BREAK though. We have been home since Tuesday afternoon and about the only breaks we have had from each other are when the GG takes the Lyme Lounge out for little brake test junkets or over to Ypsi or wherever to buy parts. A replacement for a new but bad part arrived this morning and it all seems good to go.

That is all not to mention the hours (seemingly) he’s spent on the phone all week dealing with another issue. This was necessary but I prefer when he doesn’t PACE while on the phone.

But man oh man, gabblety gabblety gabblety gabblety and please DON’T try to over-schedule yourself. Or me. In the mid-afternoon, a flash of ORANGE caught my attention from the driveway. Oh, yeah, I fergot Oriole was scheduled to stop by this afternoon. So nice to have adult kiddos who live close by. I don’t really need help with my first world problems but I appreciate that they understand them (maybe better than I do) and care enough to listen.

This newly minted pine cone (flower?) is a bit out of focus in the front and it is driving me NUTS. Just saying that I notice it too although I didn’t until after I posted it on Instagram and some people “liked” it.

Another half-assed entry but that’s where I am tonight. Love y’all.

One Response to “I deserve a break today”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Patt and I used to say to each other sometimes, “How can I miss you when you never go away!” We were both independent and liked our private time. John is the same.