The only internet-able option

Today, that is. There has been a lot of first-world scurrying around on various fronts here but absolutely NONE of it belongs on a blahg, even my obscure little blahg, even though there are humorous aspects to at least some of it.

So, here is a pic of the shaggy-haired guy I have been co-existing with throughout covid. He is not a covid coward like I am and has had a few haircuts throughout. Sometimes during periods of low(er) transmission, sometimes not. He did not bring covid home from a haircut. If anything, it’s likely he brought it home from an OUTDOOR trail encounter with a person who had “cold” symptoms. He and his other half got up close and personal for photos with this person. My opinion? Not a cold. And it wasn’t.

Anyway, he took his ebike downtown yesterday afternoon. Today he posted this weird photo of himself behind this pink frippery or whatever it is. It wasn’t until he posted an “after” photo TODAY that I realized he had probably been at Tina’s barber shop and I DIDN’T NOTICE his haircut when he got home yesterday. Even though I had been thinking he looked a bit scruffy before. Today I guess my eye was drawn to his Bucky Beaver t-shirt.

Before I met the GG, he had waist-length hair. I’ll have to find a pic but not tonight. This was mostly in high school and at least partly through college. He somehow hitch-hiked around the country (at 16) with that hair without getting molested or killed by some pervert. He has some pretty good stories from that. By the time I met him, he was working for a government contractor and had short hair although he has never really lost much of his old hippy/rebel look. In my opinion anyway.

One Response to “The only internet-able option”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I look at my Covid hair and wince. I didn’t think it looked as bad as it actually did. A huge messy bushy too dark hairdo. Shaggy haired is better than frightening!