Warning warning! Danger Will Robinson! (Or mom 🤣)

The winter storm alerts that nowadays begin three days before the predicted event are bad enough. This week I’ve been listening to constant warnings about today’s predicted weather, which has turned out to be in the low 90s, at least at my house.

Folks, there are vulnerable entities out there that we need to look out for. Pets need water and shade. Babies need a similar set of things as do elderly folks. Homeless people encompass a wide variety of the population and they do not need to be stuck outside.

I am no spring chicken but I do not consider myself elderly and I can handle temperatures in the 90s pretty well although I have been known to kvetch about them. The Landfill was comfortable all day WITHOUT turning on the central A/C. As the afternoon wore on and Mr. Golden Sun headed west, teleCublandia started getting a little too hot for comfort. I did two things: 1) turn on the attic fan and 2) move over to the dining table, which was completely shaded.

When I knocked off work, I decamped to the back yard, where I am completely shaded and there is a healthy breeze. It’s hot but it’s comfortable. I didn’t turn on the A/C and I don’t plan to. Not today anyway. I would if I needed to.

That isn’t to say that there won’t be intolerably hot weather here this summer. We’ve certainly had it before and we’ll get it again.

Summer of 1988 KILLED my BEAUTIFUL flowering crab tree. 90s to low 100s every day for weeks with very little rain. I remember when my then toddler got roseola and her temperature at one point (104) was the same as the outdoor temperature. As crazy as this sounds, we filled our little kiddie pool to help cool her off.

The photo is from, hmmm, 2012 or so, another hot hot hot summer. I got into my Ninja after work at Cubelandia that day and she reported that it was 106 degrees. The photo is an old indoor/outdoor thermometer I had in the Landfill Chitchen. Yes, it was 106 when I got home that day. The issue is, I took this photo a couple days later. The outdoor temps had dropped precipitously and it took me a few minutes of eye-balling that thermometer to realize that if it was under 80 degrees INSIDE, it couldn’t be 106 outside and yes, the thermometer was broken.

Nowadays we are served by a plethora of fancy modern weather devices. The one in the bathroom lies. Its sensors are in direct sunlight during the morning and it will report temperatures in the 60s on sunny single-digit winter days.

I’m sure I’ll be kvetching about heat some time this summer but today was not really that bad.

One Response to “Warning warning! Danger Will Robinson! (Or mom 🤣)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I have my heat pump set to come on at 75 but I will bump it up if it ever gets hot here. So far we’re in the 60s which is fine with me.