Maybe there’ll be a photooo later or maybe not

So everything was fine last evening and I was sitting outside in the “cool” (89) of the evening texting with UKW and… First my wifi announced its demise. That was okay because I could just switch to cell service. And then I heard Gertrude (my stove) having a seizure. Okay. We have a brownout.

When we are on brownout all of the LEDs in my house (I have a LOT) still work so I don’t always notice when we’ve lost power. Gertrude sometimes freaks out and beeps like crazy but not always. When she does, I have to go down into the Landfill Dungeon and cut the circuit breaker. Which I did with the help of my iPhone flashlight.

I put my iPhone on airplane mode to save battery and sat outside watching the faaaarflies for a while before returning to teleCubelandia where I found that the phone charging stand I have there was actually charging my phone. Until the power went completely out. I dozed on the Green Couch for a while until 12:10 AM when the power came back on. Fortunately I had thought to turn off the attic fan while we were on brownout, otherwise its return to life would’ve probably scared me half to death.

I always joke that summer outages during hot weather happen because everybody turns on their central A/C at once. When we first lived here, most people including us didn’t have central air. I think most people have it nowadays. The power company reported an “equipment failure”, which, according to an employee who is also on nextdoor neighbor, was an overheated transformer. I dunno if it did that because of increased load (because of everybody turning on their A/C at once) or what but then I don’t know much about lucky-shucky or its service delivery.

A beautiful little surprise thunderstorm rolled through this morning and I worked the rest of the day with a couple loads of laundry and things in between the cracks.

I have a photooo, a stolen one, but can’t seem to upload it for now. Will try again. Or not… Clearly this is all just filler anyway.

One Response to “Maybe there’ll be a photooo later or maybe not”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t know that I’ve ever experienced a brown out. Since most don’t have central A/C and we don’t usually have super hot weather, that may be why.