Up and down the covid escalator

The cases go down and we unmask. The cases go up and we SUGGEST masks.

Today I read that the cases in Washtenaw County have decreased to the point that we are at a “medium” risk level and people don’t really need to wear masks in indoor spaces any more. Oh dear. I am still wearing masks when I go to indoor places and I am always glad to see staff members who are masking. They don’t all. I will keep masking for the duration. I am fortunate enough to be able to schedule my grocery trips early in the day and limit the time I’m in the store. Plus I am a UScan ninja.

I have various friends who have traveled by plane in recent months. They report that since mask requirements were lifted (whenever that was), most people are NOT masking on planes, including flight attendants. I have a complicated relationship with flying in passenger jets in general. I cannot figger how people can SLEEP on flights. I feel every single goddamn vibration, change of altitude / speed / whatever. I wanna know what’s going on. I love when the pilot announces the beginning of our descent because if they don’t, I can feel it and am wondering. Like are we gonna crash in Lake Michigan 🤣

I would be waaaaay uncomfortable sharing air with unmasked folks on top of my regular flying anxiety, hybrid immunity or not. BTW, if you were on a flight with me, at least pre-covid, you would not know that I was anxious. I am good at “masking” that.

One Response to “Up and down the covid escalator”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I haven’t heard dire things about our case numbers or hospitalizations going up but will continue to play it safe. John and I exercise a similar level of caution. I don’t go in stores much whereas he does. (in a mask) I do a few more social things like Book Club although we are outdoors and distanced. It is really difficult to weigh the risks and I admit to being heartily sick of it.