Zen things

Driving the Ninja on the slow(er) surface roads to Cubelandia back in the day. Coding html. Usually. It has its moments 🐽. Shelling peas.

It’s June and that’s when I get to shell peas in my back yard (or at the beach or wherever). I went to the farmers market at 0-skunk-30 today like I almost always do on Saturday. I bought… More Copper River salmon and shrimp gazpacho. And shelling peas. And that was all because the GG is up bushwacking the nature preserve adjacent to our family beach property and I wasn’t about to load up on food because until a few minutes ago, I wasn’t sure when he was coming back.

I scouted for shelling peas last week but nobody had them yet. Today! Wow! A young vendor had quart boxes of them stacked up the wazoo. They were even labeled. I usually have to ask whether they are shelling or sugar snap. It isn’t always easy to tell by looking at them. The price was $4 a box so I pulled out a twenty and said, “Gimme five.” As he was dumping them into my Chico bag, he volunteered that he would have them for two or three more weeks. I’ll be back.

It was GORGEOUS weather for pea-shelling today and I shelled them off and on between other chores and errands and a Cygnus ride to check in with the cygnets at Swan Corners (they are growing tail feathers). And word puzzles, which happen mostly in the morning but today I picked at the spelling bee on and off throughout the day and still have two words to go. I did not finish the Pea Prodject today. I saved some for tomorrow.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s lots of peas! What do you do with all of them? I haven’t had any Copper River salmon yet; it sounds SO good. I do most of my puzzles in the morning too. I have to do Le Mot(French wordle) in the afternoon though, due to the time difference.