Mooma Robin

Where am I? How do I? A pair of robins have been hanging out here in the back yard for at least a week. They seem almost tame, slow-walking around the back yard but I was kinda wondering if they had their eyeballs on the nest in the pic. Turns out that yes, they did.

I have had to reorient myself at my work during the last few weeks. It is what it is. I am a professional and I will continue on until whatever happens next. I’m not sure this is a smart thing to say on my blahg but I hope the next “wave” happens to meeee and not to those who are still shepherding their children through college, etc. We put our daughters through college mostly on one income and it wasn’t easy but we certainly managed it but it was planned at least sorta. I don’t want my friends to have to do that.

I began this job when mouse was doing her junior study abroad time in Dakar. The week before she left and I started my job was cray-zee. I had to take a drug test and I drove all the way over to Ypsilanti in pouring rain to do that and I could NOT make water to save my life. Why? Because I READ THE INSTRUCTIONS! The instructions said not to drink a whole lot of water. So I didn’t. So I couldn’t pee. Jeebus. There was a NASTY receptionist who didn’t want to listen to me but eventually softened and said “somebody” was hungry. She meant herself. Hangry. Sigh. I dunno whether I passed the stupid drug test or not but I must have because the LSCHP hired me. I mean, I don’t take the kind of drugs they test for…

So I am still here but many others are not. We will carry on as long as we can. I sure miss a lot of folks.

One Response to “Mooma Robin”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I can read between the lines. These are sad changes and I hope that the effects for your friends aren’t dire. We could put our two (with help from them working) through college; neither came out with any debt. I think that’s impossible now.