Himself. Home again, home again, jiggity jig

30 seconds after I took this blissful little nap photooo, his frickin’ phone rang, waking him up. Turn the sound off, turn the sound off, turn the sound off.

Because he was coming home, I needed to actually cook. I actually LIKE to cook but food management can be a challenge with (usually) two people, one of them constantly in and out of town. So I was intentionally at the bitter end of leftovers and made a Plum Dash to obtain some supplies for eggplant parm (today) and BBQ chicken (tomorrow maybe, I didn’t want to ask him to grill tonight since he was just arriving home.

My mouse and I had a convo at the plum this morning about his impending arrival and the ways his presence might be stressful for me. Like going to the hardware six times in one day. Or making/answering a bazillion phone calls related to a relative giving a phone solicitor their credit card info 🤪. Or fixing the Lyme Lounge brakes in the driveway for days on end. Or not wearing a mask anywhere, ever (but the CDC said…). None of these things *really* bother me (except the last but I have made peace with it) but I do enjoy having some time alone when I’m not constantly wondering, “what is he doing now?”

Again we have been told over and over and over again how to handle high heat. The predicted temperatures varied but although I was hearing 98 at times, my most reliable weather device has never registered above 92. That’s not really all that hot if you live in a house under a huge tree canopy like I do and there is a decent breeze. So the Landfill felt cool most of the day, except for when the sun swung around in the afternoon to light and heat up teleCubelandia. But that’s a teensy tinesy part of the Landfill.

And that’s about it for today. Sayonara.

One Response to “Himself. Home again, home again, jiggity jig”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Oh, I didn’t realize that you were getting that terrible heat too. It seems so early for that! Ashley and family are sweltering in Iowa today. Glad you could stay cool though. I have my sliding door open and it’s a pleasant 73 degrees in the house. The heat pump comes on at 75 although I’m intending to bump it up.