Not crying, no reason to

Just activating against those who are taking womens’ rights away. Brett Kavanaugh’s daughters WILL have access to safe abortions if they ever need one whether legal or not. Many others will not. I will keep blahgging about this stuff (from time to time at least) until our country comes to its senses. If ever.

Almost too taaared to blahg at this point. Early run to the farmers market. Home for a short time, then a trip to Plum, then cleaning and laundry and pea-shelling.

And. Made a trip down to the Liberty St. post office to sign a couple of ballot proposal petitions. One was the Reproductive Freedom for All and the other was a voters’ rights petition. I sorta felt like I should dress up in the typical bizcaz stuff that I wear when it isn’t hot out but it was hot so I wore tie-dye and a long tiered skirt so it maybe shouldda been obvious that I was a Washtenaw County resident (aka Old Hippie) but I answered the question in the affirmative without qualification. I am not and have never been a hippie anywhere but I have been accused of being one on various occasions.

We have opened our home to one of our nieces and her three young daughters tonight. They have been on the road from the west for three nights and one of them was a bit reluctant to get out of the car once it finally landed in our driveway. I don’t blame her a bit. Where the heck am I? She has been here once before for maybe a couple hours when she was two years old. The GG grabbed Softy Beanbag and gave it to her and that did the trick. So now Softy has a new friend.

G’night, KW

One Response to “Not crying, no reason to”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Good for you for signing the ballot petitions. I need to do MORE–whatever could help or work. Right now I’m not even sure what that is. I’m gutted. Glad you could host some relatives on the road. My kids are headed the opposite direction and stopped in Deadwood, South Dakota. Ashley: Deadwood sucks, if COVID and white trash and casinos had a three-way love child it would be this place.