Was I on crack or what?

What the heck did I write yesterday? I have already edited but that bit about equating an old hippie-looking bag with a Washtenaw County voter? Earth to KW? What about all those GIANT Orange Baboon signs festooning various properties on the western side of the county the last couple presidential elections? I remember being HORRIFIED when I first encountered one of those in 2016. Who would vote for him, I thought? Alas, plenty of people, it turned out, although it must be remembered that he did NOT win by a majority.

Oh man, I was taaaared this afternoon. I am an introvert from the get-go and the pandemic has not improved my tolerance for a lot of socializing and we did a LOT of that this weekend. This morning we took our visiting niece and her daughters over to visit our nephew (her cousin) on another side of the Planet Ann Arbor. We got a wonderful home-cooked breakfast out of the deal via our nephew’s wife (French toast, bacon, berries, and a divine baked oatmeal thing) and I greatly enjoyed talking to the young parents of the generation down from me while the second cousins (and the GG) played. And then… I was hit by the gotta-gits. Fortunately we had six people to transport and both our vee-hickles take five, which meant we took two vee-hickles over there, so I was free to go home in Cygnus a couple hours before the rest returned. Six minus five equals one 🐽

Niece mobilized to continue on the last leg of their eastward journey, to grandma’s house in the northern Detroit suburbs. A grueling drive on the best of days and one I didn’t envy my niece today. But she is obviously a Road Warrior and I’m sure they got there without a problem.

P.S. The cousins on both sides of our families are very interested in continuing their childhood relationships as well as fostering relationships between THEIR children. I was happy to be able to facilitate that this weekend.

One Response to “Was I on crack or what?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve been shocked by the number and the actual people who have supported the GOP and their odious policies and candidates. Statements and attitudes that would have automatically disqualified a candidate and horrified the nation are now commonplace. Acceptable even. I am revolted and saddened.