Too much stuff and too many photos

One of our visiting young great-nieces leaned toward me and asked, “Why is your house so clean?” After I picked myself up off the floor, the only thing I could think of to say was, “Because we cleaned it.”

And we did. Sorta. I think the main thing was that Suzy Homemaker actually vacuumed the back living room. It’s been a while. The Landfill had apparently been advertised to these young ladies as a Museum and yeah, it kinda is. Not to start flinging actual relics that might mean something to somebody but we really need to continue with general flinging activities. The GG apparently spent two hours today looking for photos of a particular category of STUFF. I’m not sure if he was successful or not but my comment was “we have too much stuff and too many photos.” And do NOT look at the Landfill Dungeon!

We are on the eve of another trip north and today was stressful for meeee watching (from teleCubelandia) all of the STUFF getting packed into our vee-hickles. Too much stuff. And that’s probably why I felt stressed out today. There was rummaging going on albeit silently and I can sense rummaging from a hundred miles away, even the silent kind.

I’ll leave you with two quotes: 1) “Your home is not a museum for other people’s stuff.” -Fly Lady. 2) “Just because someone once owned something doesn’t mean it’s worth anything.” -My s-i-l, The Beautiful Gay.

One Response to “Too much stuff and too many photos”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Right now no one would say that to me!