The Designated Helper of Michigan

Okay. So we drove from the Planet Ann Arbor to Hoton Lake this morning. It was a beautiful drive in general and I think it will help me get over my Pandemic Lack of Driving Confidence because I had a GREAT TIME driving up in Cygnus.

We stopped at FlaMan’s place to drop off beer and my Super Nose was called upon to figger out what the bad smell in the kitchen was. I didn’t figger it out but the GG took the garbage out and that may have alleviated the situation.

The GG took a meta-nap at Hoton Lake while I decompressed a bit. When he woke up, he went down to the Flote Bote to do whatever. I had been wanting to do a little drive-around but that didn’t happen and it was probably a good thing. Because I looked out to the bote and there were, uh, TWO people on the bote. What? Our brother Jim had been in and out a few times but he had left again to fly-fish somewhere north of here so it wasn’t him,

As it turns out, when the GG went out to the bote, a young man (teenager, we think) was climbing the ladder at the end of our dock. He had taken a sailboat that he and his dad built and it capsized and sunk. He managed to swim from there to our place on Long Point. Of course we took care of him. He called his mom on the GG’s iPhone and she picked him up after a bit.

We have saved or assisted in saving various people from water accidents over the years. Please people be careful out there on the water.

One Response to “The Designated Helper of Michigan”

  1. Margaret Says:

    There have already been several drownings in my area. The water is colder than people realize because it is often coming from snow melt.