Super-spreader avoidance

This is almost* the first time I’ve spent time at Hoton Lake since February 2019, when we spent a night here before heading up to Tahquamenon for a weekend.

COVID is what has kept me away. It is a “group home”, owned by five of the cFam siblings of the GG’s generation. That means that it isn’t frequent that there isn’t anyone else here at any given time. There is no google schedule or “Scheduling Manager” (vomit). People who want to spend time with larger groups (kids / grandkids) are really good about telling others of their plans well in advance and it just all works out. We love each other and are nice to each other and are pleasantly surprised when someone shows up unexpectedly when we’re here on a “slow” weekend.

I love it here but I have preferred staying at the Landfill or the moomincabin during covid because it is a LOT easier to “control” who will be there when, therefore limiting exposure.

The GG (gotta love him) has lately developed a habit of making “sport” of my covid pessimism and tendency to not want to hang around a lot of people. Well. 1) I am an INTROVERT from the getgo and the pandemic has not been all that bad for me as crowds can exhaust me. 2) I have been earning MONEY throughout all of this. 3) I HAVE NOT INFECTED ANYONE WITH COVID. HEEEEE HAS. Meeeee for one. Likely not anyone else since FlaMan (who he visited after he was exposed) didn’t seem to get it but who knows.

*The GG seems to forget this but I did stay here for one night once last summer. There were a bazillion people here. I love them all so I sucked it up and had a good time. Vaxxed, roight? That was before covid ramped up for fall 2021 and omigod omicron for winter 2022 and it didn’t turn out to be a super-spreader event although a lot of us have gotten covid since then from other sources.

We are here now though and it is gorgeous and I am hoping for a Flote Bote ride this evening!

One Response to “Super-spreader avoidance”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I too tend to avoid big crowds and eat out rarely and then mostly outside. Love that photo!