Colliding worlds

Where was I? I am settling in to the moomincabin for my second stint this summer. I made two grock trips today, the first an early one into Meijer, the second up to the park store. I am still mostly the only masked bandit anywhere although there were a couple customers at Meijer who were masked.

After the park store trip, I was hanging out in the moomincabin kitchen. I run NPR just about everywhere and so NPR was running along in the background. Up here we listen to a station from Central Michigan University and this afternoon they were playing rock music from my earlier teen years, stuff my cousins and I listened to here at the moominbeach when we were young.

I was kind of rocking out to all this old music and then a set of songs ended and the radio listed the songs and artists, etc. I was thunderstruck to hear that the Woolies was one of the groups in the set. They were a Lansing group back in the day and they covered a 60s rock song so well that I didn’t notice that it wasn’t the original group.

I was too young to know about the Woolies and did not live in their city (Lansing) in their heyday. I just have to say that the Woolies drummer married my (late, ugh) cousin and they had a beautiful daughter who has spent time here at the moomincabin many times throughout her life. She is a force of nature and I really miss her mom.

I still have many living cousins and I spent a good part of this afternoon hanging out with Pooh at the Old Cabin.

One Response to “Colliding worlds”

  1. Margaret Says:

    It sounds like you’re having a great time reliving old times and making new memories at the cabin. Music is so evocative, isn’t it?