A few (40) years ago

The Commander was giving me fits. “You have to wear shoes!” There was NO WAY IN HELL that I was gonna wear shoes on the beach. In July. On my wedding day. What are you, nuts? I did not put shoes on. When I got down to the beach, there was my dad waiting for me. In bare feet with a sly look on his face.

So what do you do to celebrate a significant anniversary? Well, for quite some time this morning, the GG was on the phone dealing with an ongoing saga involving someone giving out their credit card info to a phone solicitor. I’m not gonna out our bank on here but if your bank is the same as ours, did you know there is a “feature” called VISA Updater? We did not. If you have a recurring payment, it updates your credit card info when you get a new card. I (as an online banking app designer) think this feature should be an opt-in feature. It isn’t and we had to turn it off in order to block a scammer. WE CANCELED THE CARD ON PURPOSE to keep the scammer away from our friend.

After that episode, we went on a cruise. Oh not the kind of cruise a lot of folks take on a significant anniversary. We hopped into Cygnus and drove Forrest Side Road from its northern terminus at 6-Mile Road down to the end. And back. We THOUGHT we could get through to Mackinac Trail via the Clear Lake campground but both Cygnus’s and my iPhone’s mapping stuff lied. Two-tracking is fine with me but I don’t like to goat-track, where you are navigating through deep sand or water holes or whatever. Fortunately we didn’t have much of that. An afternoon on the deck and/or beach.

Love y’all, KW

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Happy Belated Anniversary! Not the way to celebrate though with the credit card issue.