Hauling the lasagna trailer in the rain

It was the annual Piedy 4th of July party and I contributed lasagna, which I jokingly told people was the only thing I know how to make any more. The party was at Dashie’s place this year, which meant a short trek along the beach and so we dredged out the lasagna trailer. We had a great time but I am done done done, stick me with a fork done. We have another social event tomorrow evening and I will enjoy that and then I think I am gonna dive back into introvert hibernation for a good long time.

I for one am hoping for faaaarworks over on the res across the bay tonight. I know they are hard for many people and their aminals. I love them though. G’night and love y’all. KW.

One Response to “Hauling the lasagna trailer in the rain”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I could probably eat lasagna every night and never get tired of it! Our weather cooperated today but no one likes fireworks, especially Baby and Cat.