I am sooo taaared

I am alone here at the moomin and I am enjoying it soooo much. It wasn’t all that hot today which was really nice. I alternated from the beach and the deck throughout the day.

Quick trip to Meijer and the recycle this morning, then I took a green bag up to drop off at the res this afternoon. I didn’t feel like coming directly home so I drove Old Brimley Grade Road to Raco, then hopped over to Ranger Road, down to the lake and took the lakeshore drive home.

I was treated to Pad Thai over at the Old Cabin dinner tonight. It was fantastic. And followed by a great iPad slideshow of us cuzzints and others.

I did not get chocolate at Meijer this morning (I forgot) but I WILL cook bacon tomorrow morning.

One Response to “I am sooo taaared”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Love Pad Thai and fun photos of family. Also love chocolate. (too much)