Marine layer

Are we gonna get rain tonight? We sure need it. I love our sunsets here but I also love when we get this marine layer during the sunset hour. Last summer it was hotter than hades all summer and every afternoon/evening, there was bright hot sunshine.

In other news I happened to look at Marine Traffic at around noon and noticed that the Wilfred Sykes was upbound at the Soo Locks. i watched its progress up from the locks to here and when it got into Mosquito Bay, I headed down to the beach to watch it go up. The Sykes doesn’t venture into Gitchee Gumee very often these days and I usually miss it when it does.

Taaared again this evening. I have hit close to the bottom of the food supply here. That’s good in one way but I was also hungry this afternoon. I am also not particularly enthusiastic about working this week. Think I just need a break… … …

Love y’all, KW.

One Response to “Marine layer”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love getting an occasional summer rain–great for plants, grass and fires. I too am glad to not have such a hot summer, so far.