Gaaah. That little white camping trailer is my workplace here in the yooperland. It is very small but it is soooo comfortable. Except this morning when it was windy and cold here and I decided to work inside the moomincabin at least to start.

I spent most of the day working inside the moomincabin and the GG was kind enough to pick up a pesto grill sandwich for me from Penny’s Kitchen. I listened (sorta) to the day’s January 6th hearings. I do know about toddlers. It was kind of odd listening to this at the same time the GG was listening to stories about the Mount St. Helen’s eruption. Yes, they were both on at the same time. It’s okay. My brain can (usually) process conflicting stuff and it certainly did today. My work may have suffered a bit but when my brain was drifting a bit and I heard my name during a meeting, I perked up like nobody’s business.

We are heading back down to the Planet Ann Arbor tomorrow. Man oh man I do not want to go back. On the flip side, once I get there I will not want to come back up here. Which will be in a few weeks.

Boing boing boing.

One Response to “YooperCubelandia”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You are so very adaptable! I am easily distracted by noise/voices so I wouldn’t do well with the competing podcasts. I’m also very interested in the Mt St Helens eruption so I would get way too into that!