Back on the Planet, ka-whomp

It was a slog of a drive although the traffic was mostly not all that bad, sometimes light enough to be relaxing.

We took the Lansing route and made umpteen bazillion stops along the way or so it seems. In fact, we were probably fewer than two miles away from the moominbeach when the GG pulled off onto the side of Brimley Road and walked back to me in Cygnus. What is wrong? Can you call my phone? Jeebus. Where is your phone? I mean, MY phone is almost ALWAYS in my pocket. I called his phone umpteen bazillion times. He thought he heard it? Somewhere? In the end it was locked in the Lyme Lounge and we didn’t have to go back to the moomincabin and look for it, which wouldda been a major pain in the you-know-what, even though it was only a couple miles away.

After that. Gas (for Cygnus) and the post office at Brimley. Iggy to transfer things in and out of the North Country Trail museum (or whatever it is). A minor kerfuffle at the BigMac tollbooths where a trucker apparently didn’t understand that he couldn’t go through the MacPass lane and had to back up. The GG got ahead of me at that point and it took me a while to catch up to him. Rest area north of Gaillard, which is how Cygnus translated Gaylord in my voice text to the beach urchins. Gas (for Mooon Yooonit) at Houghton Lake. More North Country Trail stuff transferred at the Clare rest area. They had COVID testing there. We did not partake.

Did we stop after that? I don’t think so. Got home to a soaking wet neighborhood but brilliant sun. We NEEDED the rain. My impatiens are BEAUCOUP! I’m glad I didn’t have to drive in any blasted rainstorms today though.

Another day on the road. G’night, KW

One Response to “Back on the Planet, ka-whomp”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve left my phone at home sometimes; it’s a weird feeling to not be able to reach someone if I need/want to. I’m glad you didn’t have to turn around for it! A day or two of rain would be nice right now. I’m already tired of watering!