Social anxiety

Yick. It’s mid-summer and covid doesn’t exist any more (NOT!!!) and people are pushing me to y’know, SOCIALIZE. Restaurants, indoor parties, memorial events (outdoor at least), camping trips. Masking optional. I am really struggling with all of this. I almost always have fun when I do get dragged out even if I have to spend time with the unwashed unmasked. Even if I am unmasked myself (I am ALWAYS washed). But I remain a bit nervous plus I reeeallly need alone time. Lots of it.

This is largely my own musing and not intended to point fingers at anyone else. But that’s where I am in my journey through life and covid. I will do my best to participate in social events when I can psych myself up for them and hope folks will understand when I need space.

Oh dear! I just heard the words “Trump” and “died” on the radio. But. It was his first wife Ivana. I am sorry for her death and I don’t wish death on anyone unless they have made their peace with it but is it okay if my hopes jumped just a bit on hearing those words? I cannot look forward to another presidential election with The Orange Baboon as a candidate. Then again, I don’t much care for DeSantis either. Mean mean mean fits the GQP these days.

After work today I finished a book I was struggling with a bit. I liked another book by the same author a LOT (10,000 Doors of January). This one was a mix of witches and suffragettes. I am certainly all for women’s rights and witches are entertaining but this one didn’t really hang together for me.

Kind of beside the point, I remember when my kids were in middle school there were kids (mostly girls I think) who dabbled in Wicca (the women in the book were NOT Wiccan). I am unimpressed with Wicca but then I have always been unimpressed with any kind of religion. People, do your own damn thinking and please please please don’t try to force your views onto other people. I think I figured that out when I was about three. I did like to sing hymns and xmas carols though! Loudly and IN TUNE. Onward Christian So-o-old-jer-ers, Marching as to War. With the cross of Jeeeeeezus going on before. Funny not funny.

After I finished that book, I picked up The Book Thief, which I am enjoying GREATLY! It’s been on my TBR for a while now. I’m not sure if my MAGAt friends would like it or not mainly because I don’t really understand their current viewpoints. It’s set in WWII Germany and there’s a lot of talk about Nazis and Kommunists [sic] and it seems like those terms may have skewed a bit in recent years. But it’s also about people making their way through those horrible years and and and. I am only 100-some pages into 600-some pages so I’ll reserve further judgment. Oh, yeah, the narrator seems to be Death, which is pretty fun.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I’ve heard good things about “The Book Thief.” I too am confounded by how the Maga and GQP thinks or reasons. (not?) I’m much less social than I was and more deliberate about my activities. Eat outside–sort of OK. Inside? Still a bit too nervous.