Michigan’s Designated Helper goes Toadily Roto

Michigan’s Designated Helper was on and off the frickin’ phone all morning trying to solve all kinds of problems that other folks could probably be called upon to help with. Lemme just say I do NOT want to haul a trailer behind Cygnus for a few hours up to the UP. Yes. I have hauled trailers before. I am just FINE with hauling empty bote trailers the few miles from the moominbeach to the Brimley State Park bote launch. I once drove The Trashmobile from Hoton Lake to The Planet Ann Arbor on a day when the GG had a vomiting illness. And I drove parts of a trip up from Fla when we were pulling a small U-Haul behind our Subie Outback, rescuing a family member from a substandard living condition. I even drove it through Cincinnati, which can be a frickin’ mess.

I am okay hauling a small trailer (actually I even did the Lyme Lounge once) when I have OTHER PEOPLE in my vee-hickle. I mean OTHER PEOPLE WHO KNOW WHAT TO DO WHEN SOMETHING GOES WRONG. This plan involved MEEEE hauling a small trailer ALONE behind Mooon Yooonit and the Lyme Lounge for MANY MOILES. No thanks. There must be some other VOLUNTEER who can handle this… … …

Also it was not planned to happen on the day I plan to travel back to the yooperland. I take a lot of the blame for that. I haven’t adequately communicated my vacay days to either the GG or my work this summer. I mainly take vacay in the summer because when you own your own vacation property and it’s seasonal property on Lake Superior, you go there when you can drive in [no snowbank]… And heat the place [again, no snowbank]… And be with your kids/cousins/etc. I count myself as fortunate that my adult children and cousins of various degrees want to be there when weeeee are 🧡🧡🧡 But as a permanent telecommuter, I can also be up there whenever I want, vacay or working. But I ALSO want to hang out on The Planet Ann Arbor.

It’s okay. We have it sorted out now, I think.

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