Memorial with a twist

First of all, I stole the photo of kayaking in Arizona from a text message from a beach urchin who was visiting there.

She returned to the Great Lake State yesterday and accompanied us to a memorial ceremony today for the father of one of our nieces (her cousin). I was apprehensive about this as I continue to be iffy about all social events but I couldn’t miss it. I was so apprehensive that the GG suggested we take the Lyme Lounge (it was held at a state park) so there would be a Freakout Chamber for anti-social folks. Yes! That had also been on my mind.

I needn’t have worried and I never needed to use the Freakout Chamber. Our niece’s parents split up and both remarried long ago but everyone got along well despite whatever differences put them asunder. Everybody who could reasonably get to the memorial was there and it was great reconnecting with a lot of the GG’s siblings, nieces, nephews, and great-nieces/nephews. The star of the show was probably the newest great-niece, a beautiful three-month-old.

The twist? In the middle of the whole thing, a couple of people crashed the party. Actually our niece encountered them somewhere and told them to go ahead and get some food. Which they did. They had nothing to do with our niece’s dad or anyone’s family. But. They were our neighbors! I mean they have lived around the corner from us on the Planet Ann Arbor forever. They were on a hike through the park when they encountered our niece and her party. What a riot!

One Response to “Memorial with a twist”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad you went and got to re-connect. (without freaking out!)