Flashin’ again

Transitions are happening. Good ones I think. The Detroit beach urchin decided it was time to make a job move and so has obtained a new one right here on The Planet Ann Arbor. I’m not gonna say anything more about that because it is her life and story to tell but for now she is hanging out with us a few nights a week to make her commute a bit easier. NO she does not want to move back into our house! Who would wanna live with their baggy old bickering parents at her age? Gah!

Anyway, it’s hot here so we’ve been eating outside and I got up to take dishes into the Landfill and… Moom, you have a big hole in the back of your skirt! Oh no, not again. I had that problem last summer and I was flashing everybody at the Sault Ste. Siberia Meijer… My mouse fixed it all up and I forgot about it.

This time I went inside and pulled my skirt down and inspected where the LABEL was. The label was in FRONT so I turned it halfway ’round, went back outside, turned around to show my backside and asked if she could still see my butt. Uh, no. Well. I had my skirt on backwards! Not that there is really a front and back side. It’s an elastic-waist tiered maxi skirt.

Anyway, the question is did I flash the guys at the Whine Castle or was my skirt on straight at that time? I made an excursion over there this afternoon and was the ONLY woman in the store (not always the case). I do not THINK there was anyone behind me as I approached the counter and paid, etc. But who knows.

No one else had a mask on. I am accustomed to this as the GG does not EVER wear a mask anywhere. I do have to say that the Whine Castle was WONDERFUL about curbside pickup during the early scary pre-vax days of covid. It was also the last place I shopped inside before we got shut down. I was at work Thursday, 3/12/2020 and we were discussing whether we should come into the office or not the next day. I decided I needed to stop at the liqwire store just in case. I did and then when I got home, I received a text from Amazon Woman that we were all telecommuting. We switched over just like that. Whomp.

One Response to “Flashin’ again”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Rare to see masks around here these days although when Ashley and I were in Seattle, there were many more. This ultra contagious covid variant is making me nervous so I’ll continue to mask. However, we will probably end up getting covid from Grandson’s babysitter who came down with a case of it. 🙁