Overheard: I got my skirt stuck in my computer

Michigan’s Designated Helper spends whole afternoons out in the driveway behind Mooon Yooonit with her hatch open. Today he also had Cygnus’s hatch open. I do not know why. When I asked I got some cockamamie explanation about it was HOT out and they needed to keep cool. It is hot. I think it got up to about 90 today. But they are automotive vee-hickles and I don’t think they generally suffer too much from sitting in 90 degree ambient temps. And we were not driving them anywhere this afternoon and if we did decide to drive one of them, they both have air conditioning. Anyway.

Our beach urchin ordered gourmet pizza tonight: pepperoni, pineapple (yes), green pepper, and black olives. She paid for it and then both of us, simultaneously and without consulting each other, repaid her. The GG gave her cash and I did venmo. It’s okay. I scrimp on some things and spend with wild abandon on others. Pay it forward is about all I’ve got to say.

I don’t really have a lot tonight. I’m taking a three-day vacay starting tomorrow, not one I’ve been enthusiastic about. For one thing, it’s a Lyme Lounge trip and given the park diagram, somehow my brain expected it to be a big parking lot with no trees. Our brother who arrived there today sent a little video and there are definitely trees and apparently a little river. I’ve been advised it wouldn’t be a good idea to woodsP outside the Lyme Lounge in the middle of the night but I’ve made sure the LL is equipped with Kleenex just in case. I mean I woodsP at the moomin all the time and not always even in the middle of the night. If you are far enough down the beach, no one can see you.

Last I looked it was still 83 here but there is at least a bit of a breeze now but I am dead taaaarrred so sayonara for now.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Are there facilities at the campground? I don’t like to go places where there aren’t. I am very good at peeing on my shoes or my shorts/pants. Not enough experiene? John’s camper has a small bathroom and toilet which was nice when we took it on a 4-day trip last summer during the heat wave.