You’re welcome

yup. I bagged my blahg yesterday. We are camping at a state park on Lake Michigan with good cell service but no Wi-Fi and I was tooooo lazy to set up a hotspot so I am reduced to phone blahgging. And last night I just plain didn’t get around to it because gathering. Outdoor and hopefully no covid. My fingers are still firmly crossed.

People are swimming despite the waves and red flag. Not me. Can you say undertow? How ‘bout sneaker wave? Or riptide?

Also I did woodsP once last night but now that the then-empty site next to us is occupied by four 18-year-old men, I think I will schlep over to the facilities. They are spotlessly clean and this place is full of young families so not a problem.

One Response to “You’re welcome”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Glad that it’s going well and that you’re comfortable with the facilities!