Camp C(ourtois) and Camp D(ondero)

It ain’t the Galapagos (see BFF’s blahg for all kinds of photooos of that plus Ecuador) but we had a pretty good time over on the eastern shore of Lake Michigan for the last few days. We had a twin cFam encampment plus another brother and sister-in-law were over in the next “loop”. Here is one half (ours) of the Twin C(ourtois) Encampment.

Here’s the other half of the Twin C(ourtois) Encampment. They have a bigger, fancier trailer than ours but who cares. That’s The Beautiful Gay there. She probably wouldn’t like this pic but she is GORGEOUS and also a Force of Nature. Always friendly and gracious but do not even THINK about messing with her. She managed a tavern for many years. I did not get their elderly dogs, at least not in this pic. They are cute little dogs rescued from relatives who couldn’t care for them any longer.

I don’t have a good pic of younger brother JimC but he was responsible for a lot of great entertainment in the form of two couples he met at Dondero HIGH SCHOOL (in Royal Joke) who were also camping there. They were WONDERFUL and we had soooo much fun with them. Everyone but me (Sault Ste. Siberia High) and JimC’s wife The Beautiful Becky (some other Royal Joke area school) went to Dondero High so we had Camp Dondero for a few nights. By the end of it all, people had forgotten that I didn’t go to Dondero 🤣. To be fair, I am a few years older than they are so wouldn’t have been in high school with them. So here is the Uncly Uncle (identical twin) taking a selfie of him and all of us “Dondero” folks.

WEATHER was scheduled to roll through and shortly after this one of my “fellow” Dondero-ites and I simultaneously heard a bit of thunder. We cocked our eyes at each other and everybody scattered PDQ after that.

The black thingy is where we were camping. It might look like the storm is about to roll on through and leave us but friends, it did NOT. We had lightning and thunder throughout the night and heavy heavy heavy rain. The DNR folks were knocking on doors (not ours) before the storm started to let people know to go to the bathrooms if they needed shelter. The guys in the tent next to us disappeared during the night. We slept well through the storm. Nothing all that severe and the rain was wonderful.

OMG. I just accidentally launched Siri and then told her (myself actually) to f*ck off. “I won’t respond to that.” Okay. Sorry Siri.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    I remember horrible rain while tent camping and having to pack up and leave. Not fun at all.