Rummaging for profit, rummaging for fun

This is an iconic pic of the GG rummaging. He is rummaging in the Lyme Lounge. He is rummaging for a Stormy Kromer beer cozy. Rummaging activities (except when I am doing them myself) drive me CRAYZEE!

Once sometime in 2021? (the years they run together during the pandemic), he was rummaging like crayzee all over the Landfill. WHAT is he looking for? I don’t always want to know. After a while, a beach urchin texted me to ‘fess up that if he was rummaging it was for an old film camera that she wanted to use.

I need a NO SOLICITORS sign! After a couple years of almost NO solicitors, our damn doorbell has been ringing off the hook this week. People who are okay? Missy next door organizing a neighborhood potluck in the street. A woman down the street with flyers for a beautiful lost Siamese cat. The DTE (lucky-shucky) tree person wanting to check out the trees in our yard in order to plan our next chainsaw massacre. He was a sweet person and I suspect he actually knows something about trees. The folks that actually come in to “trim” them don’t always but it’s amazing how fast things grow back around here so I don’t get very freaked about it any more.

People who are not okay? Religious proselytizers (which to be fair we haven’t had in quite a while). Environmental “activists” aka young college students who have been conscripted by so-called environmental orgs. The GG answered the door this time. A couple years ago, I was alone and answered the door (at 9:00 PM!!!). I (politely) told the young woman that I wasn’t interested and there were better ways to earn money. She rather sheepishly replied that her mom had said the same thing.

Alert Alert Alert. Good solicitor alert!

And then. Of all things. The doorbell just rang and I was like “Oh f*ck” but I went to answer it and the GG also jumped to attention because he knows how much I hate solicitors and he wants to make sure I don’t BITE them or something. And guess what? This guy knew our (the GG’s) name Courtois. He knew it because he grew up in Missouri near the Courtois River. We’ve BEEN THERE! Our cousins live in St. Louis and drove us there once. I told him I already had my absentee ballot ready to send in and so didn’t accept any of his propaganda but we had a great time talking to him anyway!

One Response to “Rummaging for profit, rummaging for fun”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t mind solicitors except of the religious variety. I simply say, “No, thank you” and shut the door.