Summer vacay mode but ready for winter

I am sorta more of an orphan than usual at work these days but people seem to care about me and my work *anyway* and so when I reached out to folks about whether they could deal with me taking a week of vacay next week, they were all like YEAH! Of COURSE you can take vacation. I think I need some time off so that felt really good.

So one of the many things the GG did today was to get faaaarwood delivered. We are all set for winter but note that this is recreational wood. I mean, we burn it in our faaarplace. We have central heat (gas) to keep the Landfill warm. But still.

MMCB1 reported that something like 16 people she knows were on various European trips this summer and EVERYONE came home with COVID. It didn’t sound like most of these people got very sick but jeebus. People STAY HOME!

Meanwhile, folks with non-covid issues report not being able to be seen in any kind of reasonable time frame. I’m not sure if it’s covid or insurance or maybe a combination of factors. I can’t help remembering when I was something like 22 and had a terrible ear infection (not a normal thing for me). My GP uncle, at the cabin next door, said something like, “C’mon, get in the car.” He whisked me into town to his office, which was technically closed at that time of the evening. He (not very gently 🤣) flushed a bunch of wax out of my ear, then handed me a bottle of antibiotic pills. Drove me back out to the cabin and I was pretty much good to go once the meds kicked in. No muss, no fuss. Probably no payment either. Of all things, I own his office Electrolux vacuum cleaner and IT STILL WORKS!

One Response to “Summer vacay mode but ready for winter”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Many people I know who have traveled have also come back with Covid and not even international trips. One is having a struggle. I’m glad you’ll have the vacation you need! Good to get away sometimes.