Unproductive day

Shhhh. Do not tell my work friends that I didn’t get all that much done today. I didn’t. It was one of those days. I was kind of roto all morning, probably tooooo much coffee but also stressing out about pulling a trailer tomorrow. I had a lunchtime glass of whine to try to settle down and that actually almost put me to sleep.

People (I mostly mean the GG) do not always get that I am pretty dern sneaky. Maaaayyybeee that’s where The Sneak comes by her nickname. I didn’t figure out until she was like 30 or so that she was actually even more sneaky than me. She sure had me fooled as a kid. (Almost) always a nice, calm child and good at taking care of her little sister. Not a problem as a teenager. Responsible kid, good friends, good grades, good driver, etc. Sneaky, right?

Once a co-worker with a middle school daughter asked how, well, I’m not sure but it was something about how to deal with teenage daughters. I said that I never had any problem with either of my daughters. I then clarified that I was sure there were things that happened that I never heard about but I knew who their friends were, etc. This co-worker’s daughter never gave her a problem and is now a fully fledged adult doing well in NYC.

I have more to say about being sneaky but I can’t put it into words tonight so g’night!

One Response to “Unproductive day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wish I were sneakier, but I’m not. Clarify how you and OD are sneaky because I think I’m missing something!